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High School Study Abroad

2017 bridge

2017 Chinese Bridge-Summer Camp for Indiana High School Students

June 9 – 23, 2017 (Tentative and Subject to Change)

Deadline to apply: April 7th, 2017

The program will most likely be held in China from June 9 to June 23, 2017. The high school students from Indiana are welcome to participate in the summer camp (student-chaperon ratio is about 10:1 with no more than 20 students accepted). This program is neither an Indiana University nor an IUPUI program; rather, the program is sponsored by the Office of Chinese Language Council International, otherwise known as Han Ban and coordinated by Confucius Classroom at Brownsburg School District. The coordinators are Mrs. Min Wang of Brownsburg High School and Noah of Confucius Institute in Indianapolis.

  1. The Program Introduction

Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for U.S. High School Students is an annual Chinese language and culture experiencing activity sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) with the cooperation of the Confucius Institutes/Classroom in U.S. The program aims at enhancing Sino-U.S. youth exchanges, deepening high school students’ understanding of and personal experience with Chinese language and culture. The participant doesn’t require prior Chinese language instruction.

  1. Itinerary in China: (Tentative and Subject to Change)

June 9th, Depart Indianapolis

June 10th, Arrive in Guangzhou, China. The students and chaperon will stay in the International Student Housing units on the campus of Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU). As a top ten university in China, SYSU has been hosting summer camps for college and high school students around the world for more than 10 years.

June 11th-June 19th, Take language and cultural classes at Sun Yat-sen University and visit nearby cultural sites

June 19th-June 22nd, Travel to Beijing (by train) and visit various cultural sites such as Great Wall and Forbidden city etc.

June 23rd, Return from Beijing to Indianapolis

  1. Program Fee

The headquarters will be responsible for the cost in China including food, accommodation and group activities. Students and chaperons will be responsible for international travel fees, international insurance, visa application fees and so on.

  1. All students and chaperons should meet the following criteria:


1)American citizen (has U.S. passport);

2)High school students; Age between 14 and 18; grades from 9 to 12;

3)Have great interests in Chinese language and culture; no requirement on Chinese language background

4)Healthy enough for international travel;

5)Have willing to participate in all summer camp activities and comply with requirements.

6)  Either have a valid passport or have already applied or in the process of renewing one.  We strongly suggest you apply as early as you can as this might have an outcome on your selection.


1)Respect and understand Chinese culture;

2)Good at communication and adaptable to new environments;

3)With K-12 teaching, chaperone or administrative experiences;

4)Highly experienced in student management;

5)Healthy enough for international travel;

6)  Either have a valid passport or have already applied or in the process of renewing one.  We strongly suggest you apply as early as you can as this might have an outcome on your selection.

Chaperons also need to perform the following duties:

1) Assist Confucius Institutes/Classrooms in pre-departure for students;

2)Participate in all summer camp activities with students and comply with requirements;

3)Take the primary responsibilities for the safety of students during summer camp;

4)Help students adapt the environment and provide guidance for them;

5)Accompany students in emergency situation and provide help to contact their families;

6)Collect students’ feedbacks and hand in reports to Confucius Institutes/Classrooms.

  1. Application and Selection

1) Students should submit the student application form with the personal application letter, school or teacher recommendation letter. Chaperon should submit the chaperon application and resume to the Confucius Institute/Classroom.

2) The Confucius Institute/Classroom will administer the preliminary selection according to the submitted documents, review and confirm qualified candidates.

3) The Confucius Institute/Classroom will notify the students/chaperones of the selection results. Confucius Institute/ Classroom should sign acknowledgment with campers/chaperons., 2016

Application deadline: TBD.  – No more than 20 students will be accepted so please complete registration ASAP as we are on a first come first serve basis.

  1. Other

Confucius Institutes/Classrooms will start recruitment from today and collect application forms, recommendations and CVs. We will send invitations to students if they are verified. Once invitation letters has been received, the student’s will be responsible for securing their own visa’s and flight tickets. The Confucius Institute will help assist on how to apply for the visa as well as making reservation of international flight so the campers will travel together. Our Institute does not conduct any pre-departure orientations, but we will be able to provide you with a FAQ sheet and travel tips closer to the bridge date.

  1. Contact

Name: Noah




Address:Confucius Institute in Indianapolis at IUPUI, 425 University Boulevard, Cavanaugh Hall,

Suite 129, Indianapolis, IN, 46202

Student Application: TBD

Chaperon Application: TBD

To give you a better understanding of the costs that are involved in the High School Bridge Program to China please see the estimated prices below:

Passport: $135; additional $60 if it needs to be expedited

Passport Photos: $15 (Fedex); one for passport and one for visa

Visa: $140 for regular service (4 business days); or $160 Express service (2-3 business days); additional costs if using an external visa service

Health Insurance: Varies from each person’s health plans.  Check with your insurance company as international health insurance is sometimes included in your plan.

International Flight (Arrive in Guangzhou on June 12th and Depart Beijing on June 23rd): ~$1600


2016 Powerpoint (includes photos) China Trip

2016 photo