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The Department of World Languages and Cultures at IUPUI offers a minor in Chinese studies, a certificate in Chinese studies, and a self-designed individualized major in Chinese studies. The Chinese program endeavors to set up a solid foundation for learning the Chinese language and acquiring an understanding of Chinese culture.  In addition, the program helps to satisfy the Chinese language requirements for majors in international studies focusing on China. For more information about the credit program please visit here

Course Descriptions

Chinese (4-letter subject code: EALC – Eastern Asian Language & Culture)

C131-C132 First-Year Chinese I-II (4-4 cr.)  Introduction of Chinese pronunciation system (pinyin), 600-700 characters, daily communicative skills, and relevant grammatical structures. Emphasis on oral expression, reading comprehension, elementary composition, grammar, and culture.

C201-C202 Second-Year Chinese I-II (3-3 cr.)  Expanding communicative skills, grammar structures, and vocabulary knowledge. Both spoken and written aspects stressed.

C301-C302 Third Year Chinese Language (3-3 cr)  Emphasis on applying reading strategies and incorporating computer technology to tackle authentic reading materials. Further expansion of vocabulary, grammatical structures, and communicative skills.

C320 Business Chinese (3 cr.) P: C201-C202 or equivalent. Acquisition of language skills for business interactions with Chinese-speaking communities.

C401-C402 Fourth Year Chinese I-II (3-3 cr.) P: C301-C302 or equivalent. A further improvement of language proficiency.

EALC E232 China Past and Present: Culture in Continuing Evolution (3 cr.) Chinese culture and its modern transformations. Intellectual, artistic, and literary legacies of the Chinese people.

EALC E301 Chinese Language and Culture (3 cr.) The relationship of Chinese language to its culture and society. Four topics emphasized: (1) unique characteristics of Chinese; (2) influence of language structure on thought patterns and social behavior; (3) traditional conception of life as it affects verbal behavior; and (4) interaction between linguistic and other factors in social life.

EALC E331 Traditional Chinese Literature (3 cr.) An introduction to Chinese historical and religious writing, narrative prose, and lyrical poetry from roughly 1300 BCE to 1300 CE.

EALC E333 Studies in Chinese Cinema (3 cr.) Critical and historical perspectives on Chinese cinema from the 1930s to the 1990s, including Taiwan and Hong Kong.

EALC E334 Contemporary Chinese Cinema (in English) (3 cr) Introduction of typical Chinese cinematic language, tremendous social changes in the past 70 years, and China’s marching towards modernity with shifts in values and belief systems.

EALC E335 Studies in Chinese Martial Arts Culture (in English) (3 cr) Introduction of the history and styles of Chinese martial arts; theoretical bases of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese medicine, and health preservation practices; the literary tradition of martial arts fiction, and cinematic expressions of martial arts skills, chivalry, and love.

EALC E351 Studies in East Asian Culture (3 cr.) Selected topics on East Asian culture.