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[Banner]: The Confucius Insitiute at Indianapolis

Advisory Board

Charles Bantz, Chancellor, IUPUI
Guangmei Yan, Vice President, SYSU

Gil Latz, Associate Vice Chancellor, IUPUI
William A. Blomquist, Dean, School of Liberal Arts, IUPUI
Gene Tempel, Founding Dean of Indiana University School of Philanthropy
Wushao Wen, Associate Director, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange, SYSU
Xiaobin Zhou, Dean, School of Chinese as Second Language, SYSU
Heidi Ross, Director, East Asian Study Center, IUB
Stephen Akard, Director, International Development, IEDC
Tom Verhoeven, VP, Eli Lilly and Company
Matthew R Levy, Baker & Daniels LLP
Lloyd Wright, President & CEO, WFYI
Diane Thomas, President & CEO, International Center of Indianapolis
Ming Ye, President, Indianapolis Chinese Culture Center Inc.

2015 Advisory Board Meeting