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[Banner]: The Confucius Insitiute at Indianapolis

The Confucius Institute in Indianapolis

The Confucius Institute in Indianapolis is an apolitical, non-profit organization. It was established at IUPUI in 2007 to promote the teaching of Chinese language and culture in central Indiana and facilitate mutual understanding between the peoples of China and United States.

Being based in one of America’s largest cities and one of its most important hubs for electronic communications, logistics, and life sciences, the Confucius Institute in Indianapolis is well-placed for developing effective relationships and networks between Indianapolis’s major public university (IUPUI), and its governmental, commercial, and civic leaders.

In developing the Confucius Institute’s public programming, many local organizations have agreed to collaborate, including local universities, Chinese community organizations, business and government agencies, museums, radio and television broadcasters, and organizations that receive international visitors.

Confucius Institute in Indianapolis is located in Cavanaugh Hall at the heart of the IUPUI campus. Its mission is to:

1. Teach Chinese using a variety of methods, including multimedia and the internet;
2. Train teachers to teach Chinese in primary schools, high schools and colleges;
3. Administer the Chinese Proficiency Test and tests to certify ability to teach Chinese as a foreign language;
4. Teach Chinese courses of various types in a variety of arenas;
5. Sponsor academic activities, cultural exchange programs, and Chinese language competitions;
6. Showcase Chinese movies and televsion programming;
7. Provide consulting services for individuals wishing to study in China;
8. Provide reference materials for educators and other professionals;

Click the picture to see the video of grand opening of Confucius Institute in Indianapolis