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[Banner]: The Confucius Insitiute at Indianapolis


12:00PM-1:00 PM 

Confucius Institute – Cavanaugh Hall – Suite 129

Sept. 7th    Cultural Revolution 50th Anniversary – A personal perspectives 

Zao C Xu, M.D., Ph.D.  Confucius Institute

Sept.14th   Celebrating Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 

Jian Xu, Ph.D.  Confucius Institute,

Sept. 21st   Symbolic Meanings of Chinese Material Culture 

Juanhong Wu, M.A.  Zhejiang University of Technology,

Sept. 28th   Mastering Chinese Photography 

Edgar Huang, Ph.D.  IUPUI School of Informatics,

Oct. 5th      China and the U.S.: Cultural Differences in the School and Workplace

Lei Wang, Ph.D.  The International Center

Oct. 12th    International Engagement: The Benefits of Academic Coursework, Language Learning, and Working Abroad

Mark Shope, J.D.  Faegre Baker & Daniels LLP

Oct. 19th    Sacred Pilgrimage Sites in China

Ian McIntosh, Ph.D.  Confucius Institute

Oct. 26th    Understanding Chinese Thoughts in the Book of Changes (the I-Ching)

Jing Wang, Ph.D.  IUPUI School of Liberal Arts

Nov. 2nd    How to Be a Good Person: A Reading of the Analects of Confucius

Jian Xu, Ph.D.  Confucius Institute

Nov 9th      Imagery in Traditional Chinese Poetry 

Zu-Yan Chen, Ph.D.  New York State Binghamton University

Nov 17th    The life in China of International Students who study Chinese language

Nian Zhang, Ph.D.  Confucius Institute

Open to All

The Chinese Culture Hour program exposes you to the myriad of topics embodied in Chinese culture.  By attending Culture Hour every week, you will learn about festivals, history, society, medicine, philosophy, arts and various themes about China.  Enjoy refreshments and an hour of educational entertainment.

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