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Artistic Partners

Megan Rainwater

Graphic Designer, Megan Rainwater

Hello, I am Megan Rainwater and I am currently a undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication Design at Herron School of Art + Design at IUPUI. I graduated high school in the little town of New Albany, just north of Louisville, Kentucky. I have been in Indianapolis since the summer of 2006 for school and I am not sure where I intend on going after I graduate.

I am currently interested in doing any work for anyone. I am eager to help where my help is needed because I feel as though heading in any direction is better than just being at a standstill with my career. I am hoping to stumble upon my dream job someday soon. I am keeping an open mind and an eager intention.

Megan has been generous enough to donate her time and talent to the Cultural Arts Gallery over the past year. She has created many of the printed materials used in the gallery. We greatly appreciate her willingness to share her talents with us and are happy to share her work with our patrons.

Furniture Designer, Kyle Capicik

Kyle Capicik was born in Terre Haute, Indiana on August 7, 1987. He attended West Vigo High School located in West Terre Haute, Indiana. Upon graduation in 2006 he attended Indiana State for a semester and then transferred to IUPUI in the spring of 2007. As he was growing up "creative exploration" was just the norms for Kyle so it was a matter of which field to pursue: fashion design, visual communication, industrial design, architecture?

Kyle Capicik

After attending a furniture design class for just one week, Kyle knew that this type of creative exploration was for him. Given his open and caring personality Kyle's goal is to design and build customized furniture, other objects, interiors, and exteriors that allow him to connect with people and to provide them comfort through aesthetically pleasing and functional spaces. Kyle does this by exploring the idea of perceptivity of a space that he creates through layering forms, colors, light, and textures so that individuals will have different emotional experiences. These spaces could range from singular chairs to an entire residential property or commercial space. He also alters and abstracts aesthetic concepts found in nature and architecture to form unique and holistic designs and compositions to convey an overall harmonious atmosphere.

Frank Lloyd Wright, Asian art, modernist art, Scandinavian design, Danish Modern design, and Mid-century Modern design influence Kyle's pieces. He challenges the formal aspect of fine art furniture in a gallery by letting the viewers become "experiencers" meaning the work is not placed on a pedestal, rather it is intended to serve its function.

Kyle has been generous enough to share his talent with the Cultural Arts Gallery over the past year. He has created the pedestals used in the gallery space to display three-dimensional objects. We greatly appreciate his willingness to share his talents with us and are happy to share his work with our visitors.