SPEA Administrative Officers

  • JOHN D. GRAHAM, Ph.D., Dean
  • TERRY L. BAUMER, Ph.D. Executive Associate Dean, Indianapolis Programs
  • CRAIG E. HARTZER, Ph.D., Director, Executive Education, Indianapolis 
  • SHEILA KENNEDY, J.D., Director, Programs in Public Affairs, Indianapolis
  • THOMAS STUCKY, Ph.D., Director, Criminal Justice, Law and Public Safety Programs, Indianapolis 
  • JOHN KRAUSS, J.D., Director, IU Public Policy Institute; Director, Center for Urban Policy and the Environment, Indianapolis 
  • SAMUEL NUNN, Ph.D., Director, Center for Criminal Justice Research, Indianapolis
  • DEBRA J. MESCH, Ph.D., Director, Women's Philanthropy Institute, Indianapolis
  • LUKE BICKEL, M.A., Director, Graduate Programs, Indianapolis
  • KYLE DIANE McCOOL, M.S., Director, Undergraduate Programs and Student Services, Indianapolis
  • KIM FRANCIS ENGEL, M.B.A., Director, Development, Indianapolis
  • DIANA JONES, M.B.A., Director, Fiscal and Administrative Services, Indianapolis