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Honors Program

The IUPUI Honors College is open to specific scholarship cohorts of incoming freshmen in every major offered at IUPUI. Entering freshmen with a minimum combined math and verbal (critical reading) SAT score of 1250 or an ACT of 28 and a high school GPA of at least 3.75 are directly admitted to the Honors College. This includes all Bepko Scholars and Fellows, Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars, Plater International Scholars, and Chancellor’s Scholars. Current IUPUI students who are not in the Honors College, but have at least a 3.50 GPA, may be allowed to complete an Honors course or experience with permission from the Honors College. Interested students should discuss this with their academic advisor and then contact an Honors advisor for authorization prior to registration.

All Honors College Scholars are required to complete one Honors course or experience every semester. Students may take no more than 6 credit hours of Honors work each semester. Students admitted to the Honors College prior to Fall 2010 are required to complete 18 Honors credits with a minimum 3.30 grade point average in order to graduate from IUPUI with Honors; those admitted Fall 2010 and thereafter are required to complete 24 Honors credits with a minimum 3.30 grade point average in order to graduate with Honors.

Students have the following options for earning Honors credit: complete an Honors course, complete an Honors Contract, engage in research, study abroad, or take a graduate course as an undergraduate student. Students must complete and submit applicable paperwork to the Honors College office in order to earn Honors credit for all options other than an Honors course. All students must contact an Honors College staff member in order to obtain authorization to register for an Honors course with the exception of chemistry courses and Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS) courses. Students should contact those departments to request authorization.

The Honors Contract, the most common method for earning Honors credit, enables qualified students to engage in Honors work in courses not specifically designed as Honors courses by working with the faculty member to create a special Honors project for the course. The student who enters into an Honors Contract with a faculty member will engage in work beyond what is required for a regular undergraduate course; the course will appear as Honors credit on the student’s transcript. Honors Contract forms must be submitted to the Honors College office no later than the end of the third week of classes during Fall and Spring semesters and by the end of the first week of classes during Summer sessions. For additional information, visit the Honors College website at http://www.honorscollege.iupui.edu

Contact Information:

IUPUI Honors College

755 W. Michigan St., UL 0124

Indianapolis, IN 46202-5164

(317) 274-2660