Student Learning Outcomes
Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (M.S.)

Students graduating with a M.S. in I/O Psychology will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge of the historical foundations of I/O psychology.
  2. Knowledge of the theory, methodologies, and data analytic procedures used to conduct research in organizational settings.
  3. Ability to synthesize and critically evaluate psychological theory and research as they relate to human cognition and behavior in organizations.
  4. Knowledge related to the two core content domains within the field: personnel psychology (e.g., selection, training, and performance management) and organizational psychology (e.g., motivation, leadership, job attitudes, and group/team performance).
  5. Knowledge and skills related to the conceptualization, implementation, and evaluation of scientifically based interventions intended to improve organizational functioning.
  6. Awareness of, and appreciation for, the many aspects of human diversity in the workplace.
  7. Knowledge of the American Psychological Association’s code of ethics and the ability to apply ethical principles in the conduct of research and the application of knowledge in workplace settings.