Administrative Officers

  • David Russomanno, Dean
  • Wanda Worley, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Programs
  • M. Razi Nalim, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research
  • John Mainella, Assistant Dean for Development and External Relations
  • Sherri Alexander, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration
  • Terri Talbert-Hatch, Assistant Dean for Student Services
  • Eugenia Fernandez, Chair of the Department of Computer, Information and Graphics Technology
  • Yaobin Chen, Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Elaine Cooney, Chair of the Department of Engineering Technology
  • Jie Chen, Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Stephen Hundley, Chair of the Department of Technology Leadership and Communication Technology
  • Edward Berbari, Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Wanda L. Worley, Director of Technical Communication
  • Tim Diemer, Director of International Services
  • Joe Abella, Director of Industry Relations
  • Danny King, Director of New Student Academic Advising Center
  • Marilyn Mangin, Director of Student Recruitment
  • Jennifer Williams, Director of Career Services and Professional Development