Undergraduate Programs

Nuclear Medicine Technology

Before entering the program, students must complete the minimum prerequisites listed below. Students should consult with their academic advisors for appropriate courses and semester sequence in order to complete prerequisites. Prerequisites may be taken at any accredited college or university. The code “G” indicates a course that meets the School's general-education requirements.

NOTE: Students entering in summer 2013 or after must complete requirements by the end of the prior spring term.

General Education
Written Communications, two courses (G)
(Prefer the second writing course focus on writing a research paper.)
6 cr.
Verbal Communications (G) 3 cr.
Psychology (G) 3 cr.
Biological and Physical Sciences (G) 17 cr.
The following courses must be included:
-Elementary Chemistry I (with lab)
-General Physics
-Human Biology I (with lab) or Human Anatomy*
-Human Biology II (with lab) or Human Physiology*
College Algebra and Trigonometry or Calculus (G) 5 cr.**
Statistics  3 cr.
Medical Terminology 1 cr.
Other Graduation Requirements***
Humanities Elective (G)+ 3 cr.
Social/Behavioral Science Elective (G)+ 3 cr.
*Combined Human Anatomy & Physiology sequence (two courses) also accepted.
**Can substitute 4 cr hrs of college calculus (200 level or higher).
***Humanities and Social/Behavioral Science Electve can be taken during the professional program.  If not completed at time of entry, minimum hours would be reduced to 49.0.
+Students can request to substitute a second humanities course for the social-behavioral science elective.

A Suggested Plan of Study

Fall Credits
Elementary Composition I 3.0
Speech Communication
or Interpersonal Communication
College Algebra 3.0
Chemistry I (with lab) 5.0
Total 14.0
Spring Credits
Elementary Composition II 3.0
General Psychology 3.0
College Trigonometry or Calculus 3.0
Humanities Elective+ 3.0
Total 12.0
Fall Credits
Human Biology I (w/ lab)
or Human Anatomy
General Physics 4.0
Social/Behavioral Science Elective+ 3.0
Medical Terminology 1.0
General Electives 3.0
Total 15.0
Spring Credits
Human Biology II (w/ lab)
or Human Physiology
Statistics 3.0
General Electives 7.0
Total 14.0

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