Undergraduate Programs


Criteria Used for Selection of Class
For admission, students need a high school diploma (or equivalent), completion of prerequisite courses, employment in or appropriate access to a qualified training laboratory, and completion of all application requirements.

The Histotechnology Program is designed to reach students in all parts of the nation. However, preference for admissions is ranked as follows: (1) students in laboratories with multiple noncertified students; (2) students in laboratories with one noncertified student. Other applicants will be admitted as class capacity allows.

Class Size Enrollment in the certificate program is not limited; therefore, most qualified applicants are admitted. In the event, however, that enrollment exceeds program resources, applicants who are residents of Indiana are given preference for admission before out-of-state applicants.

Affiliate sites may accommodate more than one student, depending on the laboratory's capacity for training, or the training facility may accommodate students from additional local sites for web-conferences. Average class size is 45 students.

Specific Requirements  In addition to the Health Professions Programs admission policies and procedures found at the beginning of this section of the bulletin, the admission policies below apply to the Histotechnology Program.

Application Deadline  May 1 of the year of anticipated entry.

Minimum Academic Requirements  High school graduation or equivalent. A minimum of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale in prerequisite courses is required for admission and must be maintained in professional courses. See prerequisites.

Technical Standards  See Health Professions Programs technical standards.

Volunteer Experience  Although volunteer experience is not required of applicants, it is highly recommended that students with no histology laboratory experience spend time in a histology laboratory to assure serious interest before proceeding with application to the program.

Last Updated: March 12, 2012