Undergraduate Programs


Before entering the program, students must complete the minimum prerequisites listed below. Students should consult with their academic advisors for appropriate courses and semester sequence in order to complete prerequisites. Prerequisites may be taken at any accredited college or university. The code "G" indicates a course that meets the school's general-education requirements. Courses taken via correspondence will not be accepted as fulfilling stated prerequisites. No more than 15 semester hours of correspondence course work will be counted toward the degree.

Written Communications (G) 2 courses
Verbal Communications (G) 3 cr.
Humanities (G)* 3 cr.
College Algebra (G) 3 cr.
Social/Behavioral Science (G)* 6 cr.
Introductory Biology (G) 4-5 cr.
Chemistry I (with lab)
(for science majors)
4-5 cr.
Chemistry-Sequential Course(s)
(for science majors beyond above)
4 cr. Minimum;
5-8 cr. Preferred
Human Anatomy and Physiology
or Human Biology I & II
(labs required for either sequence)
5-10 cr.
Advanced Biological Sciences 3 courses

In addition to introductory biology and human anatomy & physiology, students must also take three upper-level biology courses to bring the total minimum credit hours in biology to 25.

Recommended Courses
 microbiology with laboratory, developmental anatomy or embryology with laboratory, genetics with laboratory, molecular or cellular biology, histology, and immunology. Questions regarding alternative biology courses should be directed to the Cytotechnology Program faculty.

*Students can request to substitute a second humanities course for one of the social-behavioral science electives.

Suggested Electives  It is recommended that the following courses be taken electives: microbiology, embryology, genetics, animal cell physiology, and immunology. While not inclusive or mandatory, the following is a list of suggested elective areas: medical microbiology, endocrinology, parasitology, virology, cytogenetics, computer science, management, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, advanced mathematics, statistics and art appreciation.

Suggested Plan of Study  The following is a suggested three-year plan of the prerequisites. Students can adjust this schedule. Students should check with their advisors to make sure all requirements are met.

Fall Credits
Elementary Composition I 3.0
College Algebra and Trigonometry 3.0
Introduction to BiologyI (Plants) 5.0
Elementary or Principles of Chemistry I w/lab 5.0
Total 16.0
Spring Credits
Speech Communication
or Interpersonal Communication
Introduction to Biology I (Animals) 5.0
Elementary or Principles of Chemistry II w/lab 5.0
Total 13.0
Fall Credits
Humanities Elective* 3.0
Social-Behavioral Science Elective I 3.0
Human Anatomy 5.0
Elective 3.0
Total 14.0
Spring Credits
Elementary Composition II
or Professional Writing
Human Physiology 5.0
Upper-Level Biology Elective I 3.0
Social-Behavioral Science Elective II* 3.0
Total 14.0
Fall Credits
Upper-Level Biology Elective II 3.0
Electives 10.0
Total 13.0
Spring Credits
Upper-Level Biology Elective III 3.0
Electives 10.0
Total 13.0

Last Updated: August 14, 2012