Undergraduate Programs

Clinical Laboratory Science

Before entering the program, students must complete the minimum prerequisites listed below. Students should consult with their academic advisors for appropriate courses and semester sequence in order to complete prerequisites. Prerequisites may be taken at any accredited college or university and be completed by July 1. The code “G” indicates a course that meets the school’s general-education requirements.

Written communication (G) 2 courses
Verbal communications (G) 1 course
Humanities (G)* 1 course
Social/Behavioral science (G)* 2 courses

*Students can request to substitute a second humanities course for one of the social-behavioral science electives.

Biological Sciences  Applicant must complete, by entry date, at least 18 credit hours or the equivalent of biology, to include the following courses:

Introductory Human Biology (G) 1 course
Microbiology (wet lab) 1 course
Human Genetics 1 course
Human Physiology 1 course
Immunology 1 course

Chemistry Applicant must complete, by entry date, at least 18 credit hours or the equivalent of chemistry, to include the following courses:

Introductory Chemistry (with lab) (G)
(Course must be appropriate for science majors)
2 semesters
Organic I (with lab) 1 course (w/lab)
Advanced Chemistry Elective 1 course

Suggested Electives

Organic II
Analytical Chemistry

Mathematics Applicant must complete, by entry date, the following courses:

College Algebra and Trigonometry or higher content (G)#

1-2 courses
Statistics 1 course

# Two semesters are required for Algebra/Trigonometry sequence.  One semester is required for Trigonometry level (or higher) courses.

Suggested Electives  While not inclusive or mandatory, the following is a list of suggested elective areas: human anatomy, molecular biology, medical terminology, and medical microbiology.

Sample Plan of Study

Fall Credits
Elementary Composition I 3.0
College Algebra and Trigonometry I 3.0
Introductory Biology I (Plants) 5.0
Principles of Chemistry I w/lab 5.0
Total 16.0
Spring Credits
College Algebra and Trigonometry II 3.0
Introductory Biology II (Animals) 5.0
Principles of Chemistry II w/lab 5.0
Total 13.0
Fall Credits
Organic Chemistry I 3.0
Organic Chemistry I Lab 2.0
Human Anatomy (as elective) 5.0
Social-Behavioral Science Elective I 3.0
Total 13.0
Spring Credits
Upper-Level Chemistry Elective 3.0
Microbiology w/lab 3.0
Human Physiology 5.0
Humanities Elective* 3.0
Total 14.0
Fall Credits
Speech Communication or
Interpersonal Communication
Immunology 3.0
Genetics 3.0
Electives 4.0
Total 13.0
Spring Credits
Statistics 3.0
Written Communication II 3.0
Social-Behavioral Science Elective II* 3.0
Elective 4.0
Total 13.0

Last Updated: August 14, 2012