Graduate Programs

Student Learning Outcomes

We invite students who are interested in preparing for exciting careers in biomedical research to join one of our graduate programs.  The Department of Cellular & Integrative Physiology has an extraordinary group of dedicated and creative research scientists whose studies embrace both basic cellular and physiological processes, and include ground breaking research focusing on a variety of disease processes including cancer, diabetes, bone remodeling, cardiovascular, renal, membrane, and respiratory pathophysiology. Graduates from our program have enjoyed establishing careers in academic and private research institutes, industry, and government laboratories. 

Master of Science in Physiology

Master of Science (M.S.) Students will apply to enter our graduate program using the instructions provided on the weblink and tab “MS Degree ... Application”. This degree pathway requires a total of 30 credits for completion. There is both a research and a non-research option for this degree. This is an intensive 1-2 year (3 semester) program designed for students who wish to pursue advanced positions in academic research institutions, industrial settings, and professional schools (e.g. medicine, dentistry). Students entering this program will enhance their knowledge of cellular and integrated physiology through coursework and research which will help prepare the student for jobs in biomedical research, industry, small colleges, and other professions. In addition, this program serves students who wish to improve their academic qualifications for entry into professional schools such a medical or dental schools.

Physiology, Ph.D.

Doctoral (Ph.D.) Students will formally enter our graduate program upon completion of the 1st year of the IBMG gateway program by selecting a faculty mentor from our primary faculty or adjunct faculty to serve as thesis advisor. Student stipends are highly competitive ($24,500/year for 2009-10) and pay all of the student’s tuition, as well as health plan benefits and associated registration fees. Students in the Cellular & Integrative Physiology graduate program have opportunities for supplementing their stipends by competing for and receiving external fellowships from such organizations as National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, or the Department of Defense etc.