When students register, the university reserves specific class spaces for those students and commits resources to provide the instruction that has been selected. The students, then, assume the responsibility for paying those course fees or for notifying the university if they decide not to attend. The availability of courses is subject to change. A class may be cancelled due to low enrollment or departmental staffing considerations. The department canceling a class will notify registered students and help them make alternate arrangements, if necessary. Registered students also will be notified if the meeting time and/or location of a course has changed since the student registered.

Registration will not automatically be cancelled for nonpayment of fees. Students must either pay their fees or drop all of their classes by the end of the first week of classes if they do not intend to return to IUPUI for the semester.  Canceling registration by the first week of classes releases class spaces in time to be available to other students.  Students who decide to cancel their registration should log on to Onestart (onestart.iu.edu) Self Service, go to Student Center, click on Drop/Add Classes and proceed to drop all classes.