IUPUI tuition is set annually by the Trustees of Indiana University.  Current fees appear on the Office of the Bursar (formerly Student Account Services) Web site (http://www.osas.iupui.edu).   Rules that determine whether a student is a resident or nonresident for fee purposes reside within the IUPUI Registrar Office.  Please click on the Customer Service link on the left side of the page to use and view a fee estimator. 

The fee estimator will give an estimate of fees for the number of credit hours and program for which you register.   Some fees not included in the estimate:  New students are charged a New Student Enrollment fee one time; parking, books and supplies.  There is various payment options listed within the Customer Service link.  

Bills are sent electronically via the student IU email address.   If the student is eligible for Financial Aid the aid will either appear as an anticipated aid credit if prior to ten days before the start of the semester or as a credit on the student account.   Please check your student account via OneStart ( www.onestart.iu.edu ) for your student account, financial aid information, and much more student information.