IUPUI provides a number of resources for students to conduct their work with the university. The most widely used is OneStart (onestart.iu.edu). OneStart enables students to review information about themselves, including status of an admission application, status of a financial aid application (and any award), latest course schedule, book list, student financial account information (fees owed or refund due), and an unofficial transcript, as well as information about a federal tax law that may result in an income tax credit tied to tuition paid in a calendar year. Students can also update address information through OneStart. 

Students and the public can review course offerings for current and upcoming semesters either by visiting the IUPUI Office of the Registrar site (http://registrar.iupui.edu/schedule.htm) or by looking for classes from Onestart .

OneStart also provides a significant tool for academic advising. This online system helps students and their advisors to review degree requirements and student progress toward any intended IUPUI degree or a degree at any IU campus. The online system is not intended to replace regular meetings with an academic advisor. Students, however, may wish to review and print a Degree Progress Report in preparation for an advising session. The system allows students to investigate what would happen if they changed majors or schools. In addition, this advising system provides students with online access to transcripts and degree requirements and to various special-purpose Web sites.

Students planning their schedules should  consult the degree requirements for their specific program  along with having discussion with their  University College advisors. The Course Offerings are published every March for summer and fall classes and in October for spring classes.