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Department of Earth Sciences

Bachelor of Science

(Granted by Indiana University)

Degree Requirements

First-Year Experience Course  Beginning freshmen and transfer students with less than 18 credit hours are required to take SCI-I120 Windows on Science (1 cr.) or an equivalent first-year experience course.

Area I English Composition and Communication Skills  See the School of Science requirements under “Undergraduate Programs” in this bulletin. The second semester of English composition may be satisfied by ENG-W132 or ENG-W231. GEOL-G205 may partially satisfy the writing requirement in Area I, but the 3 credit hours cannot then also be counted as part of the geology credit hours required in Area IV.

Area II Foreign Language  No foreign language proficiency is required for a Bachelor of Science degree.

Area IIIA Humanities, Social Sciences, and Comparative World Cultures  See the School of Science requirements under “Undergraduate Programs” in this bulletin.

Area IIIB Junior/Senior Integrator  See the School of Science requirements under “Undergraduate Programs” in this bulletin.

Area IIIC Physical and Biological Sciences  CHEM-C105 / CHEM-C125, CHEM-C106 / CHEM-C126; PHYS-P201 / PHYS-P202 or PHYS 15200 / PHYS 25100; and two courses in biological sciences, with the Department of Earth Sciences approval. No grade below C- will be accepted in any of these courses.

Area IIID Mathematical Sciences  MATH 16500 / MATH 16600; CSCI-N207 or another CSCI course approved by the Department of Earth Sciences; and one course in statistics approved by the Department of Sciences. No grade below C- will be accepted in any of these courses.

Note: Computer Science CSCI-N100 level courses and CIT 10600 do not count for credit toward any degree in the School of Science. Also, CSCI-N241 and CSCI-N299 do not count in Area IIID, but may count as an elective.

Area IV Geology Concentration Requirements  36 credit hours of geology, including GEOL-G110, GEOL-G120, GEOL-G205, GEOL-G209, GEOL-G221 or GEOL-G306, GEOL-G334, five 300-level or higher geology courses, and a field camp of at least 3 credit hours approved by the Department of Earth Sciences. G222 may substitute for one of the 300-level or higher geology elective courses. Other 100-level courses, GEOL-G300, and GEOL-G307 do not count toward the geology concentration requirement of 36 credit hours, but may be applied as electives toward the university-required total of 122 credit hours. No grade below C- will be accepted in any of these courses.

General  Two science courses at the 300 or 400 level approved by the Department of Earth Sciences. No grade below C- will be accepted in either of these courses.

Other Requirements  See the School of Science requirements under Undergraduate Programs, Baccalaureate Degree, General Requirements in this bulletin. GEOL G420 satisfies the School of Science capstone requirement. The Department of Earth Sciences will accept 10 credit hours toward graduation outside the Schools of Science and Liberal Arts.

Bachelor of Science Sample Program (122 cr. required)
Freshman Year 
First Semester
GEOL-G110 Physical Geology 3
GEOL-G120 Physical Geology Laboratory   1
MATH 16500 Analytic Geometry and CalculusI 4
CSCI-N 207 Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets 3
ENG-W 131 Elementary Composition I 3
SCI-I120 Windows on Science   1

Second Semester  
COMM-R110 Fundamentals of Speech Communication   
CHEM-C105 Principles of Chemistry I   
CHEM-C125 Experimental Chemistry I 
MATH 16600 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II  
Second Composition Course 3

Sophomore Year  
Third Semester
GEOL-G209 History of the Earth  3
GEOL-G221 Introductory Mineralogy  4
CHEM-C106 Principles of Chemistry II  3
CHEM-C126 Experimental Chemistry II   2
PHYS-P201 General Physics I   5

Fourth Semester  
GEOL-G205 Reporting Skills in Geoscience 3
GEOL-G222 Introductory Petrology  4
BIOL-K101 Concepts of Biology I    5
PHYS-P202 General Physics II    5

Junior Year  
Fifth Semester
GEOL-G300/GEOL-G400 elective  4
GEOL-G334 Principles of Sedimentation and Stratigraphy 4
BIOL-K103 Concepts of Biology II    5
HIST-H114 History of Western Civilization II   3

Sixth Semester   
GEOL-G323 Structural Geology 4
STAT 30100 Elementary Statistical Methods I 3
300-400-level Non-geology Science Elective 3
Social Sciences - List S  3
Elective  3

Senior Year 
Seventh Semester
GEOL-G400 level Electives    6
Comparative World Cultures - List C  3
Humanities - List H   3

Eighth Semester   
Field Course   3
300-400-level Non-geology Science Elective  3
Junior/Senior Integrator 3
CAND 99100 Candidate for Graduation   0