Biomedical Engineering Technology

  • BMET 10500 Introduction to Biomedical Electronics Technology (1 cr.) Class 1. Students will dive into the field without getting wet. To explore BMET, participants will monitor BIOMEDTALK, an e-mail chat group used by Biomedical Electronics Technicians as a forum for discussion of equipment-related issues and concerns. Students will discuss and research posted topics. Samples of topics posted in the past include hospital cell phone use and medical equipment interference from children's toys and games. Included in this course will be a visit to area hospital BMETs.
  • BMET 20900 Microprocessor Applications (2 cr.) P: ECET 10900 This course will explore fundamental microprocessor theory and applications in health care technology. Hardware and software in specific equipment will be discussed.
  • BMET 22000 Applied Human Biology for BMET (3 cr.) Class 3. This course presents the human biology, anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology essential for biomedical equipment technicians and the devices involved in patient care. Focus is on the vocabulary necessary for effective medical communication skills in the hospital environment as part of the health care team.
  • BMET 24000 Introduction to Medical Electronics (3 cr.) P: 22000 and a fundamental knowledge of electronics. Class 3. An overview of medical equipment used in the hospital and other medical environments to diagnose and treat patients. Sensors and physiological signals will be explained. Equipment found in various hospital departments and medical specialties will also be discussed. Patient safety and regulations will be emphasized.
  • BMET 29000 Biomedical Equipment Technician Practicum (4 cr.) P: BMET 32000 or C: BMET 32000. Class 3. Practice working in industry as a BMET. Students work on a variety of medical equipment and job tasks. Students receive some training in the form of in service and orientation programs. An employer evaluation, student report and a minimum of 180 work hours are required. Students may need to successfully complete a criminal background check.
  • BMET 29900 Biomedical Engineering Technology (1-3 cr.) Hours and subject matter to be arranged by staff.
  • BMET 31000 Introduction to Radiography Systems (3 cr.) Class 3. P: 22000 or equivalent and basic knowledge of electronics. The fundamentals of diagnostic radiography equipment will be explored. The principles of an X-ray system will be explained including the X-ray generation, image formation and film processing. Focus will be on both safety and quality.
  • BMET 32000 Biomedical Equipment Systems (4 cr.) P: C or better required for BMET 24000 and ECET 15700. Class 3, Lab 2. Hands-on study of medical instrumentation. Topics will include lasers, surgical microscopes, electrosurgical equipment, IV and PCA pumps, anesthesia delivering equipment, patient monitors, infection control and safety, NIBP equipment, defibrillators, an overview of imaging equipment and computer applications in medicine.
  • BMET 39900 Biomedical Engineering Technology (1-3 cr.) Hours and subject matter to be arranged by staff.
  • BMET 42000 Technology and Special Populations (3 cr.) P: BMET 32000 or equivalent. Class 3. This course focuses on special patient populations in the clinical environment and the equipment that supplements their care. Groups would include neonates, cardiac intensive care patients, surgical patients and trauma. Emphasis is placed on medical needs and the related technologies.
  • BMET 44000 Codes, Regulation & Patient Safety (3 cr.) P: BMET 32000 or equivalent. Class 3. This course explores applicable NFPA 99, JCAHO, CLIA and other regulatory agencies and their regulations governing medical equipment in the clinical environment. Case studies will be used to provide examples of interpretation and application.
  • BMET 47000 Special Topics in BMET (3 cr.) P: CHEM-C 110 and BMET 32000 or equivalent. Class 3. This course will focus on present facts and discuss trends. Current journal articles and research will support the presentations.
  • BMET 49000 Project Planning and Design (3 cr.) P: Three BMET 30000 or 40000 level courses and BMET 29000 Students are expected to prepare an individual design in collaboration with industry and or the clinical setting. This course will introduce the applications of project management to the student's design. Topics include project scope, scheduling, resource limitations, stakeholder interactions, delivery and quality assurance.
  • BMET 49100 BMET Senior Project (3 cr.) P: Three BMET 30000 or 40000 level courses and ECET 49000. Class 3.  Extensive individual design and/or evaluation performed in collaboration with faculty and health care team members. Project is performed under the supervision of health care team members. Relation to the clinical environment required. Written and oral presentation of results are required.
  • BMET 49300 Ethics and Professionalism for BMETS (1 cr.) P: BMET 29000 and Senior Standing in Program. Students will explore ethical, social, political, legal and ecological issues that practicing BMETs may encounter. Particular emphasis will be placed on patient safety and privacy issues.
  • BMET 49900 Biomedical Engineering Technology (1-3 cr.) Hours and subject matter to be arranged by staff.