International Business

The number of credit hours given to a course is indicated in parentheses following the course title.

The abbreviation "P" refers to course prerequisites; the abbreviation "C" refers to course co-requisites.

  • BUS-D 590 Independent Study in International Business (Arr. cr.) For advanced M.B.A. students engaged in special study projects. Course admission and project supervision is arranged through the M.B.A. Office and the student's faculty advisor.
  • BUS-D 301 The International Business Environment (3 cr.) P: ECON E201 and E202 Junior standing Economic environment for overseas operations. Governmental policies and programs that affect international business. Economic and political philosophies around the world; patterns of government-business relationships. Economic development and business activities in differing political and cultural environments.
  • BUS-D 302 International Business: Operation of International Enterprises (3 cr.) P: BUS D301 and Kelley admit. Junior standing International dimensions of marketing, finance, accounting, taxation, and personnel, with an emphasis on management decisions and implementation. Analytical framework for decision making in a multinational context.
  • BUS-D 490 Independent Study in International Business (1-3 cr.) P: I-CORE. Consent of undergraduate program chairperson and instructor. Supervised individual study and research in student’s special field of interest. The student will propose the investigation desired and, in conjunction with the instructor, develop the scope of work to be completed. Written report required.
  • BUS-D 496 Foreign Study in Business (2-6 cr.) P: Senior standing and consent of instructor. Work in, or visits to, business firms; discussions with business executives and government officials. Prior background reading, orientation work, and approval of project required. For every three weeks of foreign residence, students earn 2 credit hours.