Admission to the Kelley School of Business is competitive and based on a combination of factors. The primary factor is academic performance or GPA. Students are eligible to apply for admission provided they meet the minimum requirements. The minimum requirements do not guarantee admission.

Admission to IU's Kelley School of Business at Indianapolis is possible at several different points in a student's academic career. Procedures and requirements for each option are described below.

Please note that all applications for admission to the university are submitted through the IUPUI Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Campus Center 255, 420 University Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46202-5140; phone: (317) 274-4591. Beginning students normally enter the University College (UC), where they are advised on enrolling in required general-education and prebusiness courses.

Dual Admission

Upon recommendation of the Office of Admissions, high school students who have been admitted to IUPUI for summer 2011 and after may be considered for admission into the Kelley School of Business as freshmen if they have meet the following criteria:

1.  SAT (critical reading and math) score 1100 or higher (ACT composite score of 24 or higher)
2.  SAT (math) score of 500 or higher (ACT math score of 21 or higher)
3.  High School GPA of 3.2 or higher

If these students are admitted to the Kelley School of Business, they are dually admitted to both the School of Business and the University College. Students will retain early admission status as long as they are making satisfactory progress in their academic program, including business prerequisite courses. This option offers students special access to Kelley School of Business advisors and opportunities for early involvement in Kelley School of Business organizations and activities.

Updated 9-17-2010