Student Organizations & Services

Honors House

Honors House is located in the Campus River Walk Apartments and is open to Honors-eligible students.  A full-time resident assistant, who serves as a mentor, guide, and resource person for residents, lives on site and assists in program development and implementation as well as meeting the individual needs of each resident.

Honors programming is offered throughout the year and creates excellent opportunities for Honors students and faculty to interact. Regular weekly and monthly events help build a stronger sense of community and supplement classroom activities. Students create their own Honors House Student Council that oversee's House activities and provides direction for the future growth and development of Honors House.  The Honors Program maintains an office on site to provide academic advising, administrative assistance, and special program support for Honors House residents.

Honors Club

The Honors Club is dedicated to uniting people interested in maximizing their educational opportunities. The club provides social, educational, and community service opportunities for the student body and faculty that enhance the learning environment at IUPUI and in the community. Membership is open to all university students, faculty, and staff. Monthly meetings, along with specially planned activities, offer students, faculty, and staff numerous opportunities for enhancing their educational endeavors. Students should e-mail their interest in joining the club to honors [at] iupui [dot] edu.

Bepko Scholars and Fellow Program

The Bepko Scholars and Fellows Program is a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate scholarship program that aims to develop engaged scholars-students who view service and learning as keys not only to personal growth, but also to the growth and vitality of the communities in which they live.

Students begin as Bepko Scholars their freshman year. An enriched and integrated liberal arts curriculum supplements the in-depth training they receive within their majors. Scholars have access to the full range of state-of-the-art facilities available at IUPUI while faculty committed to undergraduate teaching serve as mentors. Supplemental programming-including access to distinguished state, national, and international leaders as well as conversations with civic and nongovernmental organizations-supplements classroom activities. Opportunities for study abroad and internships as well as intensive preparation for graduate and professional school admission are provided.

An integral part of the program is service learning.  Scholars are expected to become actively engaged in service endeavors: from volunteering with local organizations to research with public service offices, scholars are involved in a large variety of civic activities.
When scholars remain at IUPUI for their graduate or professional studies, they become Bepko Fellows. Fellows continue their civic engagement activities and serve as mentors for new scholars. Colloquia and seminars supplement their extensive graduate training.
Admission to the program is highly selective, with approximately 20 scholars admitted each year. Students must apply as freshmen (transfer and graduate students are not eligible for this award) and for the fall semester-awards are not available to students who begin their studies in the spring or summer.

To be eligible for consideration, students must present excellent academic credentials, have a demonstrated commitment to community service, and clear objectives for both their undergraduate and graduate degree program.  Students must apply by December 1.
The scholarship provides full tuition and fees at the Indiana resident rate as well as books for four years of undergraduate study. On-campus housing expenses are also provided for the freshmen year. When scholars become fellows at IUPUI, the program will provide $5,000 in tuition support for up to four years of graduate or professional study. Further information and application instructions are available at