Foundation Program

  • HER-D 101 Drawing I (3 cr.) P: Admission to Herron School of Art and Design. Introduction to the basic skills of drawing and development of sound observational skills. Working from nature, manufactured objects, and the human figure, students develop their draftsmanship with an emphasis on space, proportion, and structure.
  • HER-D 102 Drawing II (3 cr.) P: D101. This course serves as a continuation of issues addressed in D101 with a greater emphasis on compositional aspects and spatial configurations. The human figure serves as a major point of investigation with an emphasis placed on anatomical understanding and accurate portrayals of form and proportion.
  • HER-F 100 Creative Process (3 cr.) P: Admission to the Herron School of Art and Design, D101, F121, and F123. Students experience multiple art concepts and processes working with two faculty members in half-semester workshops. The course provides reinforcement of design concepts with a focus on problem solving, ideation, and the stages of creative process. Equal emphasis will be given to both two-dimensional and three-dimensional experience.
  • HER-F 121 Two-Dimensional Design (3 cr.) P: Admission to the Herron School of Art and Design. Comprehensive study of design elements and principles through the investigation of two-dimensional space. Students explore basic two-dimensional concepts such as figure /ground, grouping principles, grid, symmetry, rhythm, and pattern. As a result of this course, students develop a visual language for analyzing, organizing, and communicating two-dimensional principles.
  • HER-F 122 Color Concepts (3 cr.) P: Admission to the Herron School of Art and Design, F121 and F123. Introduction to basic design and color theory through the manipulation of imagery in two-dimensional and three-dimensional media. Equal emphasis on thought processes and manual skills.
  • HER-F 123 Three-Dimensional Design (3 cr.) P: Admission to the Herron School of Art and Design. This course introduces basic concepts of three-dimensional art and design through a series of assignments dealing with the organization of space and form using a variety of materials, processes, and tools. Students investigate formal, functional, and conceptual issues while developing effective material choices, construction methods, and safe studio working habits.
  • HER-X 101 Foundation Resources Workshop (1 cr.) This course serves to introduce students to the resources at Herron, IUPUI, and Indianapolis. This seminar, while teaching students how to develop study skills, time management, and utilization of resources needed for success in the university setting, will include content specific to Herron’s curricular mission.
  • HER-X 102 Foundation Capstone (1 cr.) P: Admission to the Herron School of Art and Design and X101. This course serves to prepare students for sophomore advancement review, promote early career planning, develop skills in documenting and presenting their work, and aid in the selection of major studio emphasis.