The vision of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is to be recognized nationally and globally as a leader in graduate health sciences and as a provider of excellent health care professionals for the state of Indiana and beyond.


In fulfilling its vision, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences seeks to develop and maintain a scholarly and competent faculty who will provide excellence in:

  • the teaching/learning process for programs in fields related to health professions;
  • the advancement of knowledge through research, scholarship, and creative activity; and
  • the development of lifelong commitment to local, national, and global civic engagement with each of these core activities characterized by:
    • collaboration within and across disciplines, the university, and the community;
    • a commitment to diversity; and
    • the pursuit of best practices.
Statement of Values

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) of Indiana University is committed to excellence in the education of itsstudents, who will have a concern for the people they serve.

We value the commitment of students to learning; of faculty to the highest standards of teaching, scholarship, and service; and of staff to the highest standards of service.

We recognize students as partners in the teaching/learning process and provide them with opportunities to develop expertise, scientific knowledge, and professional attitudes that enable them to contribute to the health of society.

We are committed to the maintenance of individual professional competence and lifelong learning; to the development of new knowledge through research, scholarship, and creative activity; and to the provision of service through civic engagement.

We value collegiality, cooperation, and creativity, as well as honesty, integrity, and support for open inquiry and dissemination of findings.

We value the personal and professional development of a diverse community of students, faculty, and staff, and we are committed to continuous improvement of all programs and services.

We are committed to training faculty and students involved in the community; to providing educational programs and working with a wide array of partners; to offering expert care and assistance to clients; to engaging in field research that serves Indianapolis, the state of Indiana, and beyond; and to building a strong, welcoming campus community for all.