Global Health and Rehabilitation Studies Certificate

  • SHRS-N 265 Nutrition and Exercise (3 cr.) This course will allow the student to apply the principles of physiology, chemistry, and biology to describe the role of nutrition and exercise in the human body and to explore the interrelated and protective role of nutrition and exercise in wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention.
  • SHRS-W 250 Health and Rehabilitation Systems Across the World (3 cr.) This course presents issues in global health and rehabilitation delivery systems from the viewpoint of many different disciplines with an emphasis on economically less developed countries.
  • SHRS-W 270 Seminar in Global Rehabilitation and Health (3 cr.) This course is designed to cover current topics in international management and organization of health and rehabilitation services, governance, ethics, impact of donor organizations, and emerging global primary and public health care issues.
  • SHRS-W 380 Health and Rehabilitation Professionals in Developing Countries (3 cr.) The primary purpose of this course is to help students understand the roles and expectations and the scope of training and educational preparation of health and rehabilitation professionals across the world with emphasis on economically less developed countries.
  • SHRS-W 460 Global Perspectives in Nutrition, Health, Disease, and Disability (3 cr.) Major emphasis on global perspectives with specific focus on economically less developed countries, examining existing and emerging issues in international nutrition that influence the health, well-being, and disability and the efficacy and effectiveness of nutritional interventions in the prevention of disease and disability among people living in developing countries.
  • SHRS-W 470 International Service-Learning in Rehabilitation (3 cr.) Designed to give students direct experience in the organization and financing of rehabilitation services in other parts of the world, this experiential component allows students to apply their newly acquired normative and cognitive skills and knowledge in an international rehabilitation institution. Students will travel abroad under the supervision of faculty.