Student Organizations & Services

Education Students Advisory Council (ESAC)

ESAC serves as the representative body for students enrolled in the School of Education. It promotes programs that enhance student life, foster a sense of identity among students, and increase the School of Education’s visibility in the university community while providing opportunities for involvement with alumni and opportunities to develop student leadership. It contributes to the professional development of students and honors students and faculty whose efforts have distinguished them and the School of Education. Membership is elected from students admitted to the teacher education program.

Kappa Delta Pi

Kappa Delta Pi (Pi Omicron Chapter) is an inter-national honorary organization founded to recognize excellence in education. Students who are invited for membership exhibit the ideals of scholarship, high personal standards, and outstanding achievement in professional education courses. The IUPUI chapter of Kappa Delta Pi sponsors a wide variety of programs for its members and the School of Education.

School of Education Alumni Association

The School of Education Alumni Association was founded in 1951 “to further the educational, professional, and social interests of the School of Education and the alumni.” The association provides an ongoing link between the graduate and the university. The Education Alumni Association sponsors education-related events throughout the state, and publishes Chalkboard, a semiannual magazine for all graduates of the Indiana University School of Education.

National Science Teachers Association—Student Chapter

This organization promotes the mission of the National Science Teachers Association by providing pre-service teachers with support resources and professional development in science education.

Elementary and Secondary Urban Educators Organizations

These organizations serve as official assemblies within the School of Education for all students on the IUPUI campus enrolled in the elemetary or secondary education program. These memberships are dedicated to issues relating to urban education in Indianapolis, developing connections within urban schools, and helping urban schools with projects.