Reading Education

  • EDUC-X 400 Diagnostic Teaching of Reading in the Classroom (3 cr.) Diagnosis of reading difficulties and solution to problems through research, conference, and practice in the use of materials and equipment.
  • EDUC-X 401 Critical Reading in the Content Area (1-3 cr.) Aids elementary and secondary teachers in the development of instructional strategies that assist students in the comprehension, critical analysis, and integration of ideas presented in print material of various subject matter areas.
  • EDUC-X 425 Practicum in Reading (1-6 cr.) Students will work in selected elementary and secondary classrooms diagnosing and developing reading competence. Prerequisites: X400 or E339-41 or E331-32; or consent of instructor.
  • EDUC-X 460 Books for Reading Instruction (3 cr.) Examines use of trade books and non-text materials for teaching language arts and reading K-8. Special sections may focus on specific student populations.  Section emphasis announced each semester.
  • EDUC-X 470 Psycholinguistics for Teachers of Reading (1-3 cr.) Explores the linguistic and cognitive dimensions of language. Discusses relationships among the systems of language and among the various expressions of language. Always includes topics on semantics, grammar, and dialect.
  • EDUC-X 490 Research in Language Education (1-6 cr.) Individual Research.