Language Education

  • EDUC-L 400 Instructional Issues in Language Education (3 cr.) Reviews the principles and current instructional issues related to learning a first or a second language. Besides the general issues of effects of the environment, developmental stages, and basic instructional methodologies, relationships among reading education, English education, and second language education will be explored.
  • EDUC-L 436 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL (3 cr.)
  • EDUC-L 441 Bilingual Education: Introduction (3 cr.) Introduction to the development of bilingual/ bicultural education in the United States and its antecedents, rationale, and theories. Comparison of existing bilingual/bicultural programs.
  • EDUC-L 442 Methods for Bilingual Teaching (3 cr.) P: L441. Methods of teaching the content areas in a bilingual setting, including techniques of linguistic analysis.
  • EDUC-L 490 Research in Language Education (1-3 cr.) Individual research and study in language education.