Elementary Education

  • EDUC-E 201 Multicultural Education and Global Awareness (3 cr.) This course examines educator's and student's responsibility (ies) in a complex and interdependent world. Students will be guided to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to live effectively in a world of limited resources, ethnic diversity, and cultural pluralism. Taught as a writing intensive course at IUPUI.
  • EDUC-E 325 Social Studies in the Elementary Schools (3 cr.) Emphasizes the development of objectives, teaching strategies, and evaluation procedures that facilitate the social learning of young children. Special attention given to concept learning, inquiry, decision making, and value analysis.
  • EDUC-E 328 Science in the Elementary Schools (3 cr.) The focus of this course will be on developing teacher competencies in writing performance objectives, question-asking, evaluating, and sequencing. These competencies will reveal themselves in the preparation and development of science activities and the teaching strategies involved in presenting those activities to elementary school children.
  • EDUC-E 340 Methods of Teaching Reading I (2-3 cr.) Describes the methods, materials, and techniques employed in elementary school developmental reading programs.
  • EDUC-E 341 Methods of Teaching Reading II (2-3 cr.) P: E339 and E340. Describes the methods, materials, and techniques employed in diagnosis and corrective instruction in elementary school reading programs.
  • EDUC-E 343 Math in the Elementary Schools (3 cr.) B-I Emphasizes the developmental nature of the arithmetic process and its place as an effective tool in the experiences of the elementary school child.
  • EDUC-E 345 Language Arts and Mathematics for Young Children (6 cr.) Methods of developing language, cognition, reading and mathematical readiness; mathematical thinking through play, the arts, and directed experiences; design of curriculum and appropriate teaching strategies for young children.
  • EDUC-E 449 Trade Books and the Classroom Teacher (3 cr.) Emphasizes the use of trade books in language and reading in elementary classrooms.
  • EDUC-E 490 Research in Elementary Education (1-3 cr.) B-I Individual research.
  • EDUC-E 495 Workshop in Elementary Education (arr. cr.) For elementary school teachers. Gives 1 credit hour for each week of full-time work.