Graduate Programs


Dual Degree Admissions

Master of Health Administration-Doctor of Jurisprudence (M.H.A.-J.D.)

Applicants must apply for admission to each school and must meet the admission criteria published in each school's bulletin. Normally, applicants should apply to both the School of Law-Indianapolis and the Indiana University School of Medicine's Department of Public Health at the same time. However, a person enrolled in the School of Law may apply for admission to the Graduate Program in Health Administration up to the end of the second year of law study (approximately 57 credit hours). A student formally enrolled in the study of health administration may seek admission to the School of Law-Indianapolis up to the end of the first year of full-time study leading to the award of the Master of Health Administration (approximately 30 hours of graduate credit).

Department of Public Health M.H.A. Admissions
School of Law-Indianapolis J.D. Admissions

Master of Health Administration-Master of Business Administration (M.H.A.-M.B.A.)

To participate in the joint program, students must apply to and be accepted into both the Indiana University School of Medicine's Department of Public Health, Master of Health Administration program and the Indianapolis Kelley School of Business Master of Business Administration program.

Department of Public Health M.H.A. Admissions
Kelly School of Business-Indianapolis M.B.A. Admissions