IUPUI employs 20 full-time sworn police officers. The full-time and student police officers are certified as law enforcement officers by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board and meet the same standards as other law enforcement officers in Indiana. In compliance with the Federal Campus Security Act, IUPUI produces a pamphlet titled “Safety at IUPUI.” It contains information, policies, and statistics regarding safety, security, crime, law enforcement, sexual assault, and drug and alcohol programs at IUPUI. The pamphlet is available on the Web at www.police.iupui.edu/safety.html. Hard copies are available from the IUPUI Police, 1232 W. Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202; (317) 274-2058.

You may contact the police for any reason at (317) 274-7911.

Escort Service
The University provides safety escorts twenty-four hours a day. These are available by calling 274-SAFE (274-7233). Between 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. a special vehicle is provided for this service by Parking Services. At all other times IUPUI police and security officers provide escorts on foot and by vehicle for persons concerned about their personal safety.
Safety Hazards

For all non-emergency health and safety hazards, including chemical, biological, physical, and environmental hazards, contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Union Building, UN 043, (317) 274-2005; for emergency health and safety hazards call (317) 274-7911.

For public safety hazards such as traffic, security, or criminal activity, call the IUPUI Police, (317) 274-7911.

For further information, consult the Emergency Procedures Handbook, which should be available at all reference desks from the Department of Environmental Health and Safety and on the Web at http://www.iupui.edu/~prepared/procedures/. Topics include medical emergencies, chemical spills, hazardous gas leaks, weather emergencies, earthquakes, bomb threats, fire, and evacuation of persons with disabilities.

Emergency phones are available in parking garages and outside on campus; the latter normally have blue lights. Some emergency phones also are found in the hallways of some buildings. All emergency phones are identified by the word “EMERGENCY” and connect directly to the IUPUI Public Safety Dispatch Center, (317) 274-7911.

Drug-Free Environment
IUPUI supports a drug-free university, which means that persons on campus are expected to be free of the influence of controlled substances or alcohol. Persons on campus must not use, manufacture, distribute, dispense, or possess such substances on university property or in the course of university activities.
IUPUI Police Cadet Program
The IUPUI Police Department has a comprehensive and unique law enforcement training program that has produced highly qualified and educated law enforcement professionals. The program allows cadets to attend school full time and work in paid positions in a law enforcement agency. Students graduate with their college degree, their police officer certification from the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board, and field experience. For information about qualifications and specific elements of the program, either call (317) 274-2058 or visit the Web site http://police.iupui.edu/courses/cadet-officer-program.asp.