Graduate/Professional Program Overview

Master of Business Administration

M.B.A. Curriculum

The modular format allows us to more easily integrate knowledge, skills, exercises, cases, and your overall learning experience. It is the themes of the modules that guide content and instruction, as we increasingly break down the walls of the traditional course structure.

Module 1: Organizational and Strategic Development

Two issues critical to your work in the program and development of your management savvy. Understanding your managerial profile and its role in the strategic nature of organizations.

Module 2: Enterprise Structures

Business enterprises are governed in part by the economic realities of the competitive markets in which they act and the information those markets feed back to managers. As a result, good managers understand the accounting structures that help track business performance, the information systems needed to keep decision-makers intelligent, and the economic drivers of their business.

Module 3: Global Perspectives and Human Resources

Business managers have always needed to be people who understand, and can organize and motivate, other people. They’ve also always needed to be aware of the wider world around them. Today, both of these issues have become acutely important and fused. The really effective business managers today embrace human resources from across-cultural, global perspective.

Module 4: Analysis and Decision Making

Finance, marketing and operations taught as managers actually experience these disciplines in the firm as interrelated, problem-solving functions.

Module 5: Innovation and Application

Module 5 immerses students in the facets and culture of entrepreneurship, while confronting them with a team-based consulting project in the service of a regional non-profit organization.

Module 6: Managing and Leading

Last summer and last semester in the program is a time for reflection from the vantage point of genuine business leaders and synthes is in the capstone competitive strategy game.