Other Courses

  • HER-H 100 Art Appreciation (3 cr.) An understanding and appreciation of outstanding works of art through analysis of artistic purposes and techniques, and knowledge of historical style and subject matter. Not counted as credit toward the B.F.A. or B.A.E. degree, nor toward the major or minor requirements in art history.
  • INFO-I 101 Introduction to Informatics (4 cr.) Problem solving with information technology; introductions to information representation, relational databases, system design, propositional logic, cutting-edge technologies: CPU, operation systems, networks, laboratory emphasizing information technology including web page design, word processing, databases, using tools available on campus.
  • NEWM-N 100 Foundations of New Media (3 cr.)

    An exploration of the characteristics of digital media, including interactivity, hypermedia, immersion, and storytelling. Includes an introduction to the practice, theory, and history of new media, from the viewpoint of technology, communication, and culture. There are readings, demonstrations, examples, hands-on projects, and written assignments.

  • NEWM-N 110 Visualizing Information (3 cr.) An introductory course for new media students using traditional and digital media and print best practices. Students develop an understanding of basic design principles and applications. Design history and the elements of composition and typography are applied through exercises and projects. The focus is on foundations of visual thinking, sketching, exploring the relationship between type and image, and developing multiple solutions to a given problem in the context of simple and complex visual information. Computer images will be constructed using the basics of Illustrator.
  • NEWM-N 190 Topics in Interactive Media (1-3 cr.)

    Special topics in interactive media, with a focus on exploring concepts at the forefront of media arts.

  • NEWM-N 201 Design Issues in Digital Media (3 cr.)

    Exploration of the traditional principles of visual design, as expressed in digital design tools and applied to digital media. Topics include visual literacy, fundamental design elements and design principles, and their expression in various tools for digital design. Hands-on practice with applying design principles in several projects.

  • NEWM-N 240 Introduction to Digital Video (3 cr.) P: N101. An introductory course covering video production techniques for digital media. The technology (hardware and software) along with techniques will be taught through lecture and projects. All phases of video production will be addressed, from pre-production through production to post-production with a focus on the digital media aspects.