Undergraduate Programs

Placement Testing

A student’s academic career begins with placement testing followed by attending orientation. The placement test results indicate the students’ level of preparedness and the proper or recommended course placement in writing and mathematics.

All beginning students must complete the COMPASS mathematics placement test. Transfer students who have successfully completed college-level work in mathematics (a grade of C or higher in MATH 110 or equivalent course) are exempt from taking the mathematics placement test. The mathematics placement scores are valid for one year from the test date.

The two placement tests (English and mathematics) take approximately one and a half hours to complete. (For more information on placement testing, see the Placement Testing Web site at www.iupuc.edu/ students/placement_testing.asp). Continuing students obtain their placement test results through their academic advisors. Placement test results are given to new students at orientation. If students have not taken the placement tests or their results are not available, they are limited to a restricted list of courses that do not require placement tests.