Undergraduate Programs

Academic Advising

First-Year Seminars or Learning Communities

National studies have shown that successful first-year students need five elements: an introduction to campus resources and support services, the creation of a support network (which is especially important on a commuter campus), ongoing personal interaction with faculty and staff, the development of skills and habits basic to academic achievement, and a realization of the high expectation that the campus has for each of its learners.

IUPUC has developed learning communities, which include First-Year Seminar courses and are dedicated to achieving the objectives spelled out above. Often these First-Year Seminars are linked with another course so that the students in the seminar can work together across classes to learn the material and otherwise support one another. The team approach in these seminars of faculty members, librarians, advisors, and student mentors provides students with in-depth knowledge and contacts for key elements of the campus.