Undergraduate Programs


Adult Special Student

You may apply as an adult special student if you wish to take a course for self-enrichment  or if you are sponsored by your employer to enroll in a specific IUPUC course. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your plans and previous education with an admissions counselor before filing an application. Permission to enroll is usually for one term.

You are not eligible for financial aid as an adult special student.

If you wish to enroll in mathematics or English courses, you must either have completed a transferable (non-remedial) college course in that academic area or complete the IUPUC placement tests.

Required Credentials and Qualifications
  1. You must be 21 or older.
  2. You must provide a photocopy of your diploma, high school transcript, or GED results.
  3. If you previously attended college, you must not have enrolled anywhere for the past three years and you must provide photocopies of grade reports or a college transcript.
  4. If you are being sponsored by an employer and you are not able to obtain the above documents, you may submit a letter of sponsorship from your employer.

Please visit admissions for application.