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Co-Curricular Opportunities and Activities

IUPUC Student Council

The IUPUC Student Council is the voice of students and a vehicle for positive improvements in student life on campus. The Student Council disburses student activity funds to registered student clubs and organizations, and members serve as student advisors to the Vice Chancellor and Dean. The Student Council is composed of up to three representatives from each academic division on campus. Elections are held each spring. The Student Council can be contacted at studentcouncil [at] iupuc [dot] edu.

IUPUC Clubs and Organizations

IUPUC has a growing number of student clubs and organizations representing a broad range of student interests and academic programs. Many of these groups are related to a career or field of study, while others are faith-based, focused on diversity, recreation, service, or special interests. Starting a club or being involved in a club or organization is a great way for students to connect to the campus.

It allows students opportunities to meet other students, put classroom skills into practice, serve in leadership positions, and prepare for life experiences in a global society. Information on starting a club or becoming involved in a current club is available at