Resources and Services


Celebrating Learning Bookstore

Textbooks, school supplies, apparel, gift items and IU/Microsoft licensed software are available in the bookstore, which is located in the Learning Center, Suite 100. Regular operating hours vary each semester with special extended hours scheduled during the first week of classes.

Any change in bookstore hours will be posted on the bookstore doors, no comma and on voice mail at (812) 348-7225.
Postings for book buyback days, which are held during finals week, will be displayed two weeks before buyback.

Off-Campus Sites
Books for all off-campus sites are available from the Celebrating Learning Bookstore. Special information on how to order books  will be sent to those students registered at off-campus sites, after the new student registration. Book buyback will be carried out only at the Columbus campus. Information regarding dates will be forwarded by mail to off-campus students.