Academic Policies & Procedures


On occasion, students are dismissed from IUPUC or another IU campus due to poor academic performance. After sitting out for some time, students can apply to be reinstated. Read below to find out more about submitting a reinstatement petition. Please note that this is the reinstatement petition to University College at IUPUC. If you were dismissed from another division (e.g., Education, Business, etc.) you will need to contact that division to inquire about their reinstatement procedures. Do not use this petition.

  1. Reinstatement will be the decision of the UCOL Probation/Reinstatement Committee.
  2. Students who are reinstated will be classified as probationary students until their cumulative GPA is 2.0. During the first semester after being reinstated, the student must achieve a semester GPA of at least 2.3. In each subsequent semester on probation, the student must achieve a semester GPA of 2.0. Failure to meet the semester GPA requirement will result in dismissal.

IUPUC University College policy is that students whose cumulative GPA is below 2.0 and they have been dismissed from any IU campus, must sit out for a minimum of one semester (fall or spring) and petition by the established deadlines to be reinstated. Students who have been dismissed two or more times, must sit out for a minimum of one full year before petitioning for reinstatement.

University College does not reinstate for the summer sessions.

Reinstatement Deadlines

Fall semester: June 1st

Spring semester: October 1st

No exceptions will be made for these deadlines.

Academic Dismissal Reinstatement Fee

IUPUC will assess a $55.00 fee to students who have been dismissed for academic reasons and who wish to return to University study. The fee will be assessed at IUPUC at the time an appeal is submitted. Students may pay by money order or check payable to "IUPUC".

IUPUI Policy on Returned Checks:

Reinstatement Petition

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