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The mission of the Indiana University School of Education at Columbus is to improve teaching, learning, and human development in a diverse, rapidly changing, and increasingly technological society. We prepare reflective, caring, and highly skilled educational practitioners and scholars who lead in their chosen professions; participate in dialogue and inquiry into school change; and work in partnership with a range of constituents to improve teaching and learning at the local, national and international levels. To serve the region in which it is situated, the IUPUC Education Programs focus on Learner Centered Education within the context of a professional community and facilitate post-secondary investigations into the teaching profession. Students will recognize the interdependency of professionals within the educational community and will come to regard teaching as a complex, multidimensional act that requires many different types of knowledge, interactions, behaviors and decision-making abilities.

Degree Programs
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education K-6 (Framework 2002)
Dual Licensure in Elementary K-6 and English as a New Language
Dual Licensure in Elementary K-6 and Special Education