Announces a Bachelor's Degree in

Biomedical Engineering Technology


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

(made possible by a financial contribution from Aramark Corporation)

Overview:  IUPUI (a campus of Purdue University and Indiana University) is offering a Bachelor's Degree (BS) in Biomedical Engineering Technology.  The degree has a focus on the practice of medical equipment support in the clinical environment.  The degree can build on a person's associate's in BMET (or related area) degree and many courses are available at a distance.  Purdue University grants the degree.

This program will address a growing need for engineering technicians in the clinical environment who can support the rapidly expanding use of technology in patient care. The students will integrate the technical/electrical/computer aspects of medical equipment with the needs of the medical staff and patients. Graduates will be an integral member of the health care team, demonstrating excellent problem solving skills blended with an emphasis on customer service toward the medical staff to result in safe and effective patient care.

For students who do not have experience or training in BMET, this degree cannot be earned without attending classes in Indianapolis.


First Semester  
BMET 105    Intro to BMET
TECH 102 Discovering Technology
ECET 109  Digital Fundamentals
MATH 153 Algebra & Trigonometry I
ENG W131 Elementary Composition I
TECH 105 Intro to Engr Tech
Total Credits 14
Second Semester  
ECET 107 Introduction to Circuit Analysis
COMM R110 Fundamentals of Speech Communication
ECET 155 Digital Fundamentals II
MATH 154 Algebra & Trigonometry II
BMET 220 Applied Human Biology for BMET
Total Credits 16
Third Semester  
BMET 209 BMET Microprocessor Applications
PHYS 218 General Physics
BMET 240 Intro to Medical Electronics
ECET 157 Electronics Circuit Analysis
MATH 221 Calculus for Technology I
Total Credits 16
Fourth Semester  
BMET 320 Biomedical Electronics Systems
BMET 290 BMET Practicum
CIT 233 Cmptr Hardware/Software
PSY B104 General Psychology
total credits 18
Fifth Semester  
IET 150 Quantative Methods of Technology
BMET 310 Introduction to Radiography Systems
MATH 222 Calculus for Technology II
BUS A220 Accounting
TCM 220 Technical Report Writing
Total credits 15
Sixth Semester  
BMET 420 Technology and Special Patient Populations
TCM 320 Written Communications in Science and Technology
Humanities/Social Science Elective  
ECET 284 Computer Communications
Humanities/Social Science Elective  
total credits 16
Seventh Semester  
BMET 440 Codes Regulations and Patient Safety
NURS B231 or TCM 399 Communication for the Health Care Professional
CHEM C111&C115 Chemistry of Life
BMET 490 Project Planning and Design
BMET 493 Ethics + Prof. for BMET
ECET 483 Netwrking Fundamentals with Microcontrollers
total credits 17
Eighth Semester  
OLS Elective  
BMET 470 Special Topics in BMET
BMET 491 Technical Project
OLS Elective  
Humanities/Social Science Elective  
Total Credits 14
Overall Credits Required for the Degree 126

Demand for Graduates:

There are only a handful of universities which have this BS program and yet there are more than 6,000 hospitals in the United States and many medical equipment manufacturers who seek this background.  Graduates are highly sought after and may find sign-on bonuses, moving expenses and excellent salaries.

Online coursework:

Many of the junior and senior level courses are delivered in the virtual Internet classroom, called Oncourse, without concern for a student's geographic location.  The courses follow a typical 15 week college semester and are not "independent study." 

Quick Links:

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Masters Degree in BMET?  There is a Master of Science Degree in Technology available here in Indianapolis.  Students must study in Indianapolis, although it can be full or part-time.  The curriculum is tailored to match the students interests.  More information can be obtained from the program director.

For more information
Barbara Christe
Program Director, Biomedical Engineering Technology
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
799 W. Michigan Street ET 209
Indianapolis, IN 46202
fax 317-278-0789