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Do The Right Thing

BSU Soul Cinema: Do The Right Thing

Join Black Student Union at IUPUI for a screening of the film “Do The Right Thing” followed by a discussion on the parallels between social injustice in 1989 and 2016 and the death of Radio Raheem juxtaposed to the highly publicized deaths that birthed the Black Lives Matter movement.


BSU General Assembly Meeting

The time has come for the Black community of IUPUI to be heard!!! we raised our voice and now we have a seat at the table. moving forward we need your input to hold the proper feet to the fire and advocate appropriately for the needs of current and future black students coming to this […]

Water for Flint

Water for Flint

The current water crisis in Flint, Michigan is more than tragic, it’s criminal.  The citizens of Flint have not only been subjected to toxic water for bathing, drinking and washing, but have also been charged exorbitant fees for sludge not fit for consumption. The city even went so far to mis-educate the residents about how […]


IUPUI Letter of Support (From Nathaniel Williams Ph.D)

The following letter was received by the Black Student Union of IUPUI in response to the demands issued to campus Administration: “Dr. Nasser Paydar and greater IUPUI Community, This open letter is written in response to current events – specific to Black students – occurring on the campus of IUPUI. Albeit not surprising, it was […]