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Reprinted with permission from THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, January/February '98

Bipolar Survey Update

Dr. John Nurnberger, director of the Institute of Psychiatric Research at Indiana University, is very encouraged by the number of surveys he has received from Post readers. He is also impressed with the candor of Post readers who responded to the "Family History Questionnaire: Genetic Study of Bipolar Illness" in the Sept./Oct. 1997 Saturday Evening Post. As a result of this second survey, additional families have been identified and selected to participate in Dr. Nurnberger's ongoing search for the genetic roots of manic-depression, a sometimes devastating illness also known as bipolar illness.

Dr. Nurnberger is considered one of the outstanding researchers now studying the DNA of those afflicted with bipolar disorders. We are impressed with the modest offices and space limitations for his work.

If, as has been reported, Ted Turner is a manic-depressive, then he should know about Dr. Nurnberger whose work could surely be enhanced by a contribution from the mighty Turner exchequer. We read with surprise of Turner's billion dollar donation to the UN. If there are discretionary charitable dollars remaining, Ted, think of this promising researcher who works quietly about solving a problem close to home.

For decades, The Saturday Evening Post has invited its readers' input through a variety of surveys on health-related matters–kidney stones, AIDS, testicular cancer, breast cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, lysine for fever blisters, menopause, and others. The latest survey was our first to request that the responses be sent directly to the university research director where they would be used. We believed that families might appreciate the confidentiality of having their medical histories handled by professionals.

If four or more members in your family have had mood disorders, you could still help uncover genetic clues by filling out the questionnaire on page 63 of the Sept./Oct. '97 issue and mailing it to Health Survey, Indiana University School of Medicine, Institute of Psychiatric Research, 791 Union Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46202-9586. Anyone wishing to make a contribution should make a check payable to "Institute of Psychiatric Research."

If you would like a copy of the survey, please write the SatEvePost, 1100 Waterway Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202.

{Note: You may also participate by calling the Institute toll-free at 888-750-2201 or by filling out the electronic version of the survey available on this web site by clicking here.)

Reprinted with permission from The Saturday Evening Post Society, a division of Benjamin Franklin Literary and Medical Society, Inc. © 1998.

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