About Us

Asian Student Union, formerly Asian Students United, is the successor of the Asian Pacific Americans Association (APAA) that was formed in the Fall of 2005. Under the predecessor APAA, IUPUI started the tradition of the Asian Heritage Month Fashion Show in the April of 2008 which is the longest running fashion show on campus.

ASU, established in the Summer of 2008 was founded by students Cho T. Thint and Nhat Ta to serve IUPUI's growing Asian and Pacific American student community. Nhat Ta served as the 1st of many Presidents of the ASU. The Multicultural Success Center (MSC) was opened in the Summer of 2008 as the Multicultural Center (MC) where the ASU was and is currently housed.

Today the group is one of the fastest growing diversity organizations on campus and is currently working closely with the Filipino Student Association (FSA) and Korean Student Association (KSA) to provide free campus-wide programming for all IUPUI students to attend. There is still much work to be done, but the ASU remains committed to providing IUPUI with a rich and diverse campus for all students to enjoy.

Our Mission

"Asian Student Union Aims to connect IUPUI students and community to Asian heritage and culture; through community service, social networking and cultural programming.

All students seeking the understanding of Asian and Asian American culture are welcome."

Community Service

The ASU remains committed to giving back to the community. In the past we have partnered with the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) to do workshops with area high school students of Asian ancestry. Several times a year we also work with Be The Match to register and test all possible donors into the National Marrow Donor Program.

Social Networking

We believe that happy members equals a happy organization. Every year we plan different social events both on and off campus for all to enjoy. Past events have iincluded: haunted house trips, ice skating, group snowboarding trips, Halloween pumpkin carving contests, and Summer camping retreats. Do you have a suggestion? Let us know!

Cultural Programming

Exploring Asian Pacific American culture through programming is a big part of what we do. Every year we host workshop around themes such as: stereotypes, identity, racism, sexuality, and mental health. The Multicultural Success Center (MSC) works with us to do film discussions around films such as "Vincent Who?". Many of our cultural programming events fall under the period of Asian Heritage Month.