AMST-A303 Asian-American Culture

There is still time to join AMST-A 303 Asian American Culture Class! Remember that if you are taking between 12-17 credit hours, you can take this class with no additional cost since you can take it for anywhere as low as 1 credit hours. Or if you need a 3 credit hour class, that is also an option!

ASU Presents: Love Language

 Monday, February 13th, 2017
 Location: Taylor Hall UC 2110

As we all know, Valentine's Day is coming up! ? Join ASU as we sit down and discuss how we personally show love towards others. Does our culture change how we express our feelings compare to other cultures? We would love to hear your thoughts so stop by Feb. 13th and share with us! We will be providing some snacks as well! Hope to see you there :)

"Asian Student Union Aims to connect IUPUI students and community to Asian heritage and culture; through community service, social networking and cultural programming.

All students seeking the understanding of Asian and Asian American culture are welcome."

Pictures of ASU!

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