Officers Meeting Minutes
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IUPUI Chapter
(Board Meeting Minutes: November 1, 2006)
(9:35 PM, SL 067)

Present: Nicholas Metzger, Brandon Harville, Kurush Savabi, Jim Milligan, Adrien Conrad, Aaron Emmons
Absent: None

Others Present: None

  • Proceedings:
    • Meeting called to order at 9:35 p.m. by President, Nicholas Metzger
    • Presisdentís Report:
      • Approved by unanimous vote request to request for funding for:
        • Computer
        • T-shirts/banners/posters
        • Misc supplies
      • ASME banner and posters
        • Adrian volunteered to work on designing
        • Aaron will obtain a quote
        • Brandon suggested setting up a design subcommittee in the future
      • The Colts tailgate will not work for now because of the future home games. A tentative date was set for the Colts playoff game January 14.
      • Going to a Pacerís game was briefly discussed but discarded because it would be unsuitable to our needs.

    • Social Chairís Report:
      • Call Out
        • We will set up some kind of competition
          • This will consist of several brief competitions or two lengthy ones
          • Ideas
            • Prevent a dropped egg from breaking
            • Crush ice without using human power
        • It was now decided we will have a speaker and Dr. Cha was suggested as our first choice
        • It was affirmed that the date would be November 30th from 11-2.
        • Karush will look into obtaining food for 60 people
          • Qdoba or pizza
        • A tentative schedule of the 3 hours was decided upon
          • First Karush and then Brandon will open for approximately one half hour
          • Next our speaker will speak for approximately one half hour
          • The final two hours will consist of meeting people, working on projects, and eating
        • Brandonís, Jimís, and another laptop will be at the door so that ASME members can sign in.
    • Fund-Raising /Webmasterís Report
      • Various emails to members were passed around and approved as templates for future emails
      • There will hopefully be a new ASME website up by the end of the week
      • It was approved that next semester we will provide FE exam help
        • Brandon will look more into this
      • Karush will work on obtaining funding requests for shirts
      • Priority of funding requests
        • Call-out
        • Shirts
          • Poloís for officers
          • T-shirts for members
        • Banner
        • Office supplies
        • computer
    • Other topics
      • Everyone needs to bring three ideas for events
      • Next meeting will be held Wednesday, November 8th
        • Bylaws need to be discussed
  • Meeting adjourned at 10:35
  • Minutes submitted by Jim Milligan, Secretary