Officers Meeting Minutes
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IUPUI Chapter
(Board Meeting Minutes: October 27, 2006)
(4:55 PM, SL 067)

Present: Nicholas Metzger, Brandon Harville, Kurush Savabi, Jim Milligan, Adrien Conrad
: Aaron Emmons

Others Present: Other two dudes

  • Proceedings:
    • Meeting called to order at 4:55 p.m. by President, Nicholas Metzger
    • Presisdent’s Report:
      • Nominated Jim Milligan for Secretary and Adrien Conrad for Treasurer
      • Jim Milligan and Adrien Conrad are confirmed.
      • It was discussed that the recruiting officer’s position still needs to be filled
    • Social Chair’s Report:
      • Various events were discussed including tailgating, corn hole, physics competition, a call out, and participating in Purdue’s Grand Prix weekend.
      • Tailgating and the call out were discussed in detail
      • A tentative date of Nov. 30th was set for the call out with a speaker from the industry.
      • Kurush will bring two different speaker options to next meeting
      • Possible funding options were discussed
        • Grants from ET student council and ME department
        • Selling hot dogs at tailgate
        • Kurush recommends taking advantage of student council’s generosity
    • Fund-Raising /Webmaster’s Report
      • We will fundraise using the nickel and dime method
      • Brandon will work on obtaining us a new computer
      • Everyone needs to register online and email Brandon with suggestions to improve the website

    • Other topics
      • Everyone needs to set up an email exchange account
      • We need office supplies
      • By laws need to be completed
      • Pictures taken of present officers
      • Next meeting set for Wednesday, Nov. 1
      • Objectives for next meeting
        • Guest speaker options from Kurush
        • Plan call out
        • Plan tailgate
        • Discuss getting representation on other school boards
        • Work on obtaining a new office
        • Discuss bylaws.
  • Meeting adjourned at 6:00
  • Minutes submitted by Jim Milligan, Secretary