Officers Meeting Minutes
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IUPUI Chapter
(Board Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, September 10th  , 2008)
(6:30 PM, SL 165)

Present: Darrell Goodwin, Andrew Pierluissi, Michael Quinones, Anthony Pierluissi, Dara Navaei, Trever Ryan, Jose Muniz, Matthew McLain, Matt Schieler, Justin Edwards

            Meeting started at 6:30p.m. in the room Sl009.

  • President’s message:
    • The Bylaws were updated
      • The new positions discussed in past meetings were added.
        • These were the Graphics (Flyers, etc) and Advertising Chairs.
      • Grammar was cleaned up
      • Contact Tony with any problems regarding the bylaws.
    • Action Log
      • Will be posted in the weekend.
      • It is password protected
      • Includes deadlines
  • Recruiting Updat:
    • Trever sent emails
    • Presentation will be given once times are established
      • Contact instructors and schedule times by next Wednesday.  Finalize by next meeting (September 24th.)
      • Presentations will be filed for future use
  • Website update:
    • Darrell currently working on improvements
      • Michael will take over as webmaster once Darrell finishes current improovements
    • Photos have been updated
      • Hiking trip
    • Links must be updated, debug problems
    • A new window with the “officer of the month” will be added to acknowledge had work.
  • Urgent business:
    • Sowthwest Research Institute
      • Nonprofit organization
      • Want to speak to ASME chapter
        • Should be used only for members (member’s benefit)
      • Times will be scheduled.
  • Callout:
    • ASME Summer Annual Presentation
      • Darrell, Mike and Andy will present.
    • Date: October 1st, 2008
    • Will receive funding from the department
    • Tentative Schedule:
      • 12:30pm Open doors, start lunch
      • 1:00pm ASME Annual Meeting Presentation
      • 1:30pm Engineering games
      • 2:00pm RRC presentation (Lori) – hard copies of applications
    • Mike will schedule the meeting by September 12th, 2008.
    • Tony and Darrell will talk to the Department about funding.
    • Andy will talk to Lori about a presentation from RR during the call-out by September 17th, 2008.
  • Social ChairRreport:
    • Movie night
      • Postponed discussion for a later meeting
      • The movie “Shoot ‘em up” was suggested
  • T-shirt Sale
    •  Printing for free
      • We must buy shirts
      • Designs must be simple and one-colored
  • Fundraising Report:
    • Have not started any FE Prep stuff yet.
    • Must  contact Rose-Holman’s, Indiana state, butler, Indiana Tech
    • Officers must contact Justin regarding budgeting stuff.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.