Officers Meeting Minutes
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IUPUI Chapter
(Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, May 6th , 2008)
(5:00 PM, SL 165)

Present: Darrell Goodwin, Andrew Pierluissi, Michael Quinones, Anthony Pierluissi, Dara Navaei
Others invited:
Present: Michael Kessler

            Meeting started at 5:00p.m. in the room SL165.

  • Michael Kessler’s introduction
    • Michael Kessler introduced himself to all the people present and gave a little bit of information about his background.
    • He mentioned he will be helping the ASME during the summer but he will have a replacement since he is moving to Boston in August.
    • He encouraged us to be part of the different activities and competitions the ASMe has to offer
      • Human Powered Vehicle Challenge
      • Old Guard Competitions
      • ASME design competitions
    • He also encouraged us to get involved with professional chapters of the ASME.
    • As ASMe members we can also apply for the Charles T. Maine Award.  The Gold medalist receives $3,000 plus a free trip to the Congress Meeting.
  • Upcoming Activities
    • 2008 ASME Summer Annual Meeting
      • It is going to take place in Orlando, Florida in a Walt Disney World Resort.
      • Kessler let us know that we are not too late to register.  The conference will be from June 7th to June 11th.
      • We need Funding for the event fast
        • Ask Companies in town
          • Rolls-Royce
          • Ely-Lilly
          • Cummins
        • Ask Organizations
          • ASME Central Indiana Chapter – Kessler is the treasurer for this organization.

**Meeting moved to a local Café**

  • Plan for the 2008 Summer Annual Meeting
    • Distribution of duties:
      • Michael is going to take care of researching Plane ticket prices, Car rental prices and Shuttle or Busses prices.
      • Anthony is taking care of calculating all the expenses once the information is in his hands.  He is also taking care of writing the letter to the companies to receive funds.
      • Darrell is taking care of contacting the companies that may be able to sponsor our trip.
      • Andrew will take care of delivering the letter to the Roche diagnostics contact.  He is also taking care of the calculation of funds needed for food and hotel.  He will look at different options.
      • Michael K. will take care of reviewing the letter.  He will also contact NSK, for whom he works for, to try and receive funds for the activity.  He is open to help out in anything else as well.
      • Dara will talk to Dr. Akay once the plan is structured.  He will ask for sponsorship from the department.  He will need for the rest of the group to be ready for this so he is helping out others in the meantime.
    • Timeline for Duties
      • May 28th – Decision
      • May 14th – Phone Calls done
      • May 14th – Talk to Dr. Akay
      • May 9th – Have expenses done
      • May 12th – Have the letter done
    • Other responsibilities
      • Everybody is responsible of:
        • Deciding on the workshops they would like to attend
        • Decide on the meetings they would like to attend
          • This are not priorities for the moment.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.